daily digest 2010-04-22

1. user group泛滥,今天一天居然看到两条关于user group的tweets,一个是 New York City Cloud Computing Group,一个是Chicago area Hadoop User Group (CHUG),巧合的是,这两个组都是建在meetup.com上的。
2. F8 这是本周的热门话题之一,现在还在持续发酵。
Facebook’s Open Graph Personalizes the Web
Facebook to Kill Facebook Connect
Facebook Makes Major Announcements at F8(keynote

Facebook Suggests Pages to Like for New Users


EdgeRank: The Secret Sauce That Makes Facebook’s News Feed Tick

Data Mining Email to Discover Social Networks and Emergent Communities

How Social Media Helped Travelers During the Iceland Volcano Eruption

Short and Tweet: Experiments on Recommending Content from Information Streams (Specifically, Twitter)


Communication is more important than competition

Welcome to SUEMA 2010 website

Keeping Medical Data Private

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